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Recent Punishments

4 Years AgoTF2zimbabwaeBanaimbot (SMAC)Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2DerpyHerpzGagchatspam7 days
4 Years AgoTF2Mr.Biscoito ou bolacha :|Mutemicspam7 days
4 Years AgoTF2Derpy Mo-MoBanAimbot.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2NoiceGagchatspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Festive ラブ๖ۣۜDubzenn™SilenceSpamming7 days
4 Years AgoTF2ggckihoycBanAimbot. (SMAC)Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2supermegabogscout3BanAimbot. (SMAC)Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2-WhylexSilenceforeign language18 hours
4 Years AgoTF2*T_W_E_A_K*Muteforeign language18 hours
4 Years AgoTF2-WhylexMuteforeign language18 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Cheater ?BanaimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2fuzzy pandaBanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2EBOLAMutemicspam2 months
4 Years AgoTF2FrenzyyyyBanrepeatedly reconnecting24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2TeedizBanAimbot2 days
4 Years AgoTF2SkyyNetBanAimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2MarkDLMuteForeign Language7 days
4 Years AgoTF2xAGUIAxMuteForeign Language7 days
4 Years AgoTF2CapeezBanAimbot.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2PREDADOR[ZSB]Mutemic spam8 hours
4 Years AgoTF2suruxcvGagchatspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2JoeMutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Nigga Cracker Beaner SpicBanAimbot. [SMAC]Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2VAADBanBan evasion.Permanent