Total punishments on record: 20,701
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4 Years AgoTF2Inf-{W}ar Dr4Gon´SMuteforeign language7 days
4 Years AgoTF2Proffesor. OnionRingMutemic spamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2[DFS]aidenayden709Mutemic spamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Grand SachemMuteforeign language7 days
4 Years AgoTF2VzMuteforeign language24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2MokiMuteforeign language24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2o caveiraMuteforeign language24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2pedroazMuteforeign language24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2umutsayko33iiMutemic spam/music7 days
4 Years AgoTF2RoikaMuteforeign language7 days
4 Years AgoTF2DuckMutemic spamming7 days
4 Years AgoTF2!votebanBanAimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2ProparMutemic spamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2LucasTheLittleManBR!Mutemic spamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2The True CowMutediscrimination24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2thevacindakMuteforeign language24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Squid KingMutemic spamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Elmo da UltimateMutemic spamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2-v7- yerboiSilenceMic spam7 days
4 Years AgoTF2NandaMuteforeign language7 days
4 Years AgoTF2miguelsccMuteforeign language24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2duhb0rgMutemic spam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2siscodragonMutemic spam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2RoikaMuteforeign language24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2^1SamMax (︻芫═一)SilenceSpamming7 days
4 Years AgoTF2BaXTeR the dog frogSilenceMic spam7 days
4 Years AgoTF2FookieBookieSilenceSpamming7 days
4 Years AgoTF2EradicatorBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2gayBanAimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2MonsterKillMutespamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2osheebzMutespamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2duhb0rgMutespamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Dragons the KawaiiBanAimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2Kaspar ᴰᴳᴺGagspamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Im hacking? Oh really am I? TRUBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Alpha TurtleKickNo lenny face hereN/A
4 Years AgoTF2CARLOSKickNo Racism here.N/A
4 Years AgoTF2Sir ElliotKickRestarting for a TF2 update, brb!N/A
4 Years AgoTF2aidenayden709Mutemic spamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚBanAimbot (SMAC)Permanent