Total punishments on record: 20,701
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4 Years AgoTF2Py‏romatic Pyro (swe)BanAimbot2 days
4 Years AgoTF2Cracker Nigga BeanerBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Cracker Nigga Beaner SpicBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2chrisbruno988BanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Get Rekt M8BanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2ReplayKickRestarting for a TF2 update, brb!N/A
4 Years AgoTF2Get Wreck Mate!BanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2rockthecock2hardBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2[QG] Black RoseMutemicspam/bad mic24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2ReplayKickRestarting for a TF2 update, brb!N/A
4 Years AgoTF2☣AviatorSilenceracism24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Eight-Legged UnicornSilencechatspam7 days
4 Years AgoTF2RyukoMutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2ayy lmaoMutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Silencechatspam3 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Supra_99Silencemusic over voice chat3 hours
4 Years AgoTF2why cheat, yazmo?BanHarassment, discrimination, etc. etc.24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2┌(▀Ĺ̯ ▀-͠ )┐Silencechat 180Removed
4 Years AgoTF2DarkdemondevSilencemicspam3 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Daemon524Silencemicspam3 hours
4 Years AgoTF2RoofiesMutemicspamming24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2|CTS| ✪ßluɛ✪Mutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2now can you ban me..Bansilence evasion24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2[GRIL]Happy Jorge [S] 2 UnusualSilence24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2WhiteNinjaMutemusic24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2xx_360noscope_xxMutemusic24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2{я.я}The Walking DeadMutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2I Just FartedMutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2shrekBanAimbot.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2fuzzy pandaBanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2McRibBanaimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2SkyyNetBanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2ZoanMuteforeign language24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚMutemicspam/music23 hours
4 Years AgoTF2RebeccaBanaimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2fuzzy panda :3BanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2ReplayKickRestarting for a TF2 update, brb!N/A
4 Years AgoTF2FeldonBanaimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2SkyyNetBanaimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2Barrack ObamaBanAimbot and micspam.Permanent