Total punishments on record: 20,701
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Punishment List - Page 4 / 518

4 Years AgoTF2grandhighblood's alcoholic momBanharassing other players and spamming chat24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Allahu AkbarBanAimbot (SMAC)Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Just_Blue_MyselfBan"Impersonation, probably aimbot"Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2NeGeRaS*Pauliukas19Gagno chat spam8 hours
4 Years AgoTF2donkeyGagno chat spam3 days
4 Years AgoTF2NeGeRaS*Pauliukas19Muteno music3 days
4 Years AgoTF2donkeyMuteno music8 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Typical Jew, eew, unfairBanaimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2fuzzy panda :3BanAimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2Uber WolfBanBlocking spawn7 days
4 Years AgoTF2EshaBanBlocking spawn7 days
4 Years AgoTF2lol2boomBanAimbot (SMAC)Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Pop'n'fresh *BanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Jonas (Less Troll, More Nub)Silenceinsulting other players24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2VAADBanAimbot.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2ThatAsianGuyBanAimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2ReplayKickRestarting for a TF2 update, brb!N/A
4 Years AgoTF2HSi.calculate > lf subsKickSpammingN/A
4 Years AgoTF2Guy FawkesBanAimbot, impersonation, and ban evasion.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Shido's best friendBanAimbot.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2FuzzyBanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2ur mad cuz badBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2pijux3BanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2fuzzy pandaBanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2VAADBanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2BanAimbot and wallhack.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Pop'n'fresh *BanAimbot and impersonation.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2stanleyp1013BanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2RavenGagspamming7 days
4 Years AgoTF2crazymincraftBanAimbot (SMAC)Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Surge #ComegetyourspudsMutemicspam1 hour
4 Years AgoTF2DarkCometMutemicspam1 hour
4 Years AgoTF2Alex WalkerMutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2DaishoMutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2Pop'n'freshBanAimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2lolmasterMutemicspam24 hours
4 Years AgoTF2nopeBanaimbot [SMAC]Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2gayBanaimbotPermanent
4 Years AgoTF2niggaweedBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent
4 Years AgoTF2Hi Im OlafBanLMAOBox detected, goodbye.Permanent